Whisky Galore by Compton Mackenzie,
adapted by Philip Goulding
7 to 14 December 2019

It’s 1955 and the Pallas Players, an all-female theatre company, are putting on a play.  They show us how the islanders of Great and Little Todday are dismayed to find their whisky supply dwindling as the government diverts the precious stuff to the Americans. Relief seems to be at hand when a 50,000 bottle cargo shipwrecks close by, until stuffy Paul Waggot takes it upon himself to prevent them taking advantage of their good fortune.

This new adaptation is a tribute to the feisty, fearless all-female touring companies of the post-war years. Witness the Pallas Players as they play all the hilarious characters from Mackenzie’s tale in an innovative and beguiling play that breathes fresh life into a well-loved masterpiece.

The cast in rehearsal

Photos from the dress rehearsal


Pallas Player: Aileen McCormackAli Davenport
Pallas Player: Flora BellerbySonia Dykstra
Pallas Player: Doris SandersonColette Fitton
Pallas Player: Win HewittAnji McGregor
Pallas Player: Juliet MainwaringEilidh Pollard
Pallas Player: Connie CalvertAtusa Sade
Pallas Player: Bea ComfordJanine Walters


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DirectorVictor Hassan
Stage ManagerAl Fowkes
PromptAdele Taylor
PropsBelinda Coghlan
ASMDiana Boswell/Alison Fleming
LightingChris Hills, Keith Jones, Bruce Williams
SoundJohn Coghlan/Mark Seyler
WardrobeDi James and the Wardrobe Team
Original music composed byEilidh Pollard
ChoreographyJune Janes
Rehearsal photographsBruce Williams
Ticket secretaryDenise Soussi
House ManagerShan Bristow, Fred Donnan, Ronnie Dykstra, Peter de la Wyche
LiaisonAlison Fleming
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