Hindle Wakes by Stanley Houghton
10 to 17 October 2020

Mill worker Fanny Hawthorne and mill owner’s son Alan Jeffcote return home from an illicit weekend away together. Their trip is kept secret from disapproving parents and of course Alan’s fiancee Beatrice until a dramatic turn of events exposes their affair. Fanny soon finds herself fighting for her independence in the face of pressures to marry and become an ‘honest woman’.

Set during Wakes Week in Lancashire Hindle Wakes is a funny and compelling rejection of archaic attitudes and champions early female independence. Written in 1910, it was a hugely controversial play and one of the first to have a working class female lead.

Hindle Wakes is witty, charming, humorous and not shy of controversy either, whilst celebrating the early emancipation of women’s rights.

Interested in acting in this production?

Come to Wilmslow Green Room to look at scripts, meet the season directors and take part in informal readings. All welcome. Tuesday 18 February 7:30pm.


Nathaniel Jeffcote
Mrs Hawthorne
Mrs Jeffcote
Sir Timothy Farrah
Christopher Hawthorne
Fanny Hawthorne
Alan Jeffcote


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